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Nature is abundantly available in Juditha Dowd's striking poems, but it is available-and it is a source of such delight in these poems-only because of the illustrious mind and sensibility with which Dowd frames her birds and beasts, her people of the hearth and the field, and the hearth and the field themselves. These are strong, assured fragments of reality that are as alive as the creatures they meditate upon. --Vijay Seshadri

  Grayson Books, 2012. Out of print. Contact author at


The road these poems travel is the road of a parent's final illness. With clarity and complexity, Dowd records moments along that journey ... What Remains is full of thought and full of love, of language sharp and memorable.--Suzanne Cleary



In the work of Juditha Dowd, ordinary domestic life shimmers with risk and celebration. In these scrupulous, attentive poems, her carefully documented evidence accumulates into deep feeling.--Penelope Scambly Schott.

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