"In Juditha Dowd's collection of poetry Mango in Winter, a woman in the autumn of her life reflects upon her ripened relationships with her faithful husband, adult daughter, dying mother, deceased father and humorous sister-in-law ... We find a wisdom that comes from gracefully learning to live and love in the midst of that ineradicable tension between contented duty and a discontented desire for beauty, grandeur and passion ... "

Dr. Mary Ann B. Miller, ADANNA 2014

" ... Whether she is writing about her marriage ... grandchildren ... herons, snow owls or geese, Dowd knows that what is, is, and what is, is already vanishing. That’s the paradox that Dowd’s poetry claims:  poetry itself is temporal, but it attempts to be spatial, eternal. As Octavio Paz pointed out, “temporal succession no longer rules our imagination .... We live instead in that conjunction of times and spaces, of synchronicity and confluence, which converge in the ‘pure time’ of the instant.” Dowd’s Mango in Winter converges in that pure time.

Lois Marie Harrod, RED PAINT HILL 2015

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